Cookie policy

  1. This service automatically collects information that are stored in form of cookie files.
  2. Cookies are text files stored in the device of the user of the service. They allow the use of service webpages. Most of all, cookies contain the name of the website they come from, their unique number, and the time they are to be stored in the user’s device.
  3. The entity that places cookie files in the user’s device and that has access to those files is the operator of the service.
  4. The operator of the service uses cookie files in order to:
  1. The website uses two basic types of cookie files – session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored until the website is left by the user (through visiting another website, logging out, or switching the web browser off). Persistent cookies are stored in the user’s device until they are removed by the user or until the lifetime set in their settings expires.
  2. Users may, at any time, change the settings of their web browser in order to block cookie files or to receive a notification every time such cookies are stored in their device. Other available options might be checked in the web browser settings. One has to remember that the majority of web browsers is, by default, set to accept storage of cookies in the user’s device.
  3. The operator of the Website informs that changes in the settings of the user’s web browser might limit his or her access to some functionalities of the website.
  4. Cookies used by the service (that are stored in the user’s device) may be made delivered to the partners of the service and to its advertiser.
  5. Information concerning the settings of the web browser is available in their menu (help) or on the website of their developer.
  6. More detailed information concerning cookie files is available on