Learn the history of Silesia Flower Market

Since 1987, the Silesia Flower Market has been the place of development and trade exchange of the flower and gardening industry in southern Poland.

Our customers

More and more customers of the market are persons and companies that come from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, and Austria.

Characteristics of the Flower Market

The market has the size of over 50,000 m², where 800 business entities specializing in wholesale trade conduct their business activity. The whole area is served by four main entities, including Firma Synergia Ryszard Kostelecki, Tyszanka, OST-POL, Moto. Within the market, there is the Flower Hall with the size of over 5000 m². The temperature maintained inside that Hall allows storage of the top-quality goods. Seasonally, the stands located in the storage sheds give the customers the possibility of direct purchase from various producers.

The Silesia Wholesale Flower Market offers cut flowers, pot flowers, trees, fruit and decorative plants, as well as flower accessories, including floristry materials. A significant offer is constituted by products of various producers and importers of decorative articles, including porcelain, products made of wood, wood and wicker products, and assortment for interior design.

Floristry Training Center

Since 2005, Śląskie Centrum Szkolenia Florystycznego Firma „Synergia” has constituted a part of the market in order to organize trainings and presentations conducted by the best florists in the industry. Trainings help the customers of the market gain knowledge in trends and novelties in the floristry industry, as well as help them offer interesting products to their final customers. As a part of its activities, the center also organizes floristry competitions for children that are a form of early education for future florists.

The way we operate

Silesia Flower Market operates in a cooperation with the city of Tychy and the whole Silesian region as a part of mutual promotion and improvement of conditions of wholesale markets against the domestic and global backdrop. The Silesia Flower Market is a member of the Association of Polish Wholesale Markets (SPRH) and the World Union of Wholesale Markets the goal of which is to promote wholesale markets all over the world.

Firma „Synergia” (with its registered office in Tychy, ul. Sadowa 3) manages the Silesia Flower Market according to three fundamental principles: